Program gto_amino_acid_compressor

The gto_amino_acid_compressor is a new lossless compressor to compress efficiently amino acid sequences (proteins). It uses a cooperation between multiple context and substitutional tolerant context models. The cooperation between models is balanced with weights that benefit the models with better performance according to a forgetting function specific for each model.

For help type:

./gto_amino_acid_compressor -h

In the following subsections, we explain the input and output paramters.

Input parameters

The gto_amino_acid_compressor program needs a file with amino acid sequences to compress.

The attribution is given according to:

In the following example, it will be downloaded nine amino acid sequences and compress and decompress one of the smallest (HI). Finally, it compares if the uncompressed sequence is equal to the original.

cp AminoAcidsCorpus/HI .
./gto_amino_acid_compressor -v -l 2 HI
./gto_amino_acid_decompressor -v
cmp HI