Program gto_fastq_variation_filter

The gto_fastq_variation_filter filters and segments the regions of singularity from the output of gto_fastq_variation_map.

For help type:

./gto_fastq_variation_filter -h

In the following subsections, we explain the input and output paramters.

Input parameters

The gto_fastq_variation_filter program needs a the output of gto_fastq_variation_map to compute.

The attribution is given according to:

Usage: ./gto_fastq_variation_filter ... [FILE]:<...>
./gto_fastq_variation_filter: a tool to filter maps (gto_fastq_variation_map)

-v verbose mode,
-a about CHESTER,
-t threshold [0.0;1.0],
-w window size,
-u sub-sampling,

[tFile1]::<...> target file(s).

The target files may be generated by gto_fastq_variation_map.
Report bugs to <{pratas,raquelsilva,ap,pjf}>.

An example of such an input file is:



The output of the gto_fastq_variation_filter program is a text file with the coordenates of the segmented regions.

Using the inputs above, an output example for this is the following: